Moinit Beach, Tourist Destination of Minsel Regency 2018


BEAUTIFUL Monit Beach in Tenga District received the attention of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. The black sand with the long coastline made an impression on the heart when Dadang Rizki Deputy of Tourism and Destination Development The Ministry of Tourism Tour visited this place.

Amazed by the beauty of Minahasa Selatan beach, Dadang Rizki gave a new name for Moinit Beach.

‘Pesona Pasir Hitam Moinit’

“This is suitable given the name of Moinit Black Sand Enchantment,” he said on Saturday (23/9) in front of the Regional Secretary of Minsel, Drs Danny Rindengan and Head of Tourism Department Frengky Torar.

Moinit Beach will become the leading tourist destination of Regency of Minsel in 2018, besides several other destination spots such as Batu Dinding Desa Kilotiga,  Sepatu Island Tatapaan, and agro-tourism in Modoinding District.

Regent Christiany Eugenia Paruntu will boost the tourism sector in 2018. On this regent got support from the Commission XI DPR RI which one of them in charge of tourism during a visit Tuesday (19/09/2017).

DPR RI will make Minsel as piloct tourism project in North Sulawesi.

Kemenpar RI Named Moinit Beach ‘The Charm of Black Sand Moinit’

Moinit Beach has been a leading tourism product in South Minahasa. This location is well known by local tourists of North Sulawesi.

At certain times let alone holidays Moinit Beach often visited by many people.

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